Non Olet. Who I am an why I manage this site is a privately and independently owned an run. The idea is to offer the public an overview over funds available on the Swiss market and to give some interesting tips for shares I consider good.

I don't take responsibility for the correctness of this information issued on this website.
I dont assume any responsability for any financial losses or gains after consulting this site. So, if you buy a fund or a share because of information or a tip on this site I am not responsible for the outcome of your venture.
I deeply believe that everybody is enough grown up to manage his/hers finances. This site should just give you some insights and ideas.

If you have any question to ask or suggestion to make, please do not hesitate sending me an email. Every serious e-mail will be answered with pleasure.

Should you find that some data is corrupt, wrong or missing please tell me.

If you or your company want to place an advert on this site, please feel free to contact me.


Many thanks to Tom, René and Patrick who both gave me valuable input

London, 7/11/2012

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